Anika paced around the forest in search of a place to rest. She had spent three and a half days running after the Prince of Angels, and he was still playing when she left. She needed to sleep, but she knew that there were creatures and unknown beings lurking in the woods, and had no idea where would be a safe place for a nap, so she kept searching. She came to a clearing at around noon, and the sun was hot. On the other side of the clearing was a familiar man. She remembered him from the encounter with the bear, but today he wore a simple t-shirt and blue jeans, with sneakers, untied. He was leaning against a tree trunk, eyes closed, but he greeted her as soon as she was within a distance that she could hear him at.

“Hello Anika, nice to see you again.”

She stopped, confused. When had she ever mentioned her name. He continued.

“My name is Otirik. I own a house on the edge of these woods, and I occasionally fight in a supernatural war. So, what brings you here to the Forest?”

Anika cleared her throat. “To find an heir to my throne.” She left it at that, she didn’t want to get into all of the details just yet. She sat across from Otirik, pointing to a nasty scar on his left arm. “How did you get that?”

He looked down at his arm, flexing gently for a moment. “I lost a battle. It was the only battle I ever lost, and it nearly cost me my life. How about you? Do you have any scars?” Anika shook her head slowly. Otirik mocked her, “Pretty princess to afraid to get her hands dirty?”

In an instant, she had him pinned back against the tree, eyes glowing gold and face twisted in anger and triumph. “That’s QUEEN. And I don’t have scars because I am a healer. But trust me, I AM a very skilled warrior.” She let him up and stalked back off in the other direction.

“What!” Otirik cried. But she wasn’t listening. And he was madly in love.



There was a sound in the woods that day. The sound was awful. The rain poured down in sheets, but I remembered that my dear friend Neko was on his way to meditate in the meadow, and I rushed out of the house without a second thought. I found him rolling around on the grass, having an incredible amount of fun, it seemed.

Then I heard a rustling in the woods. I bristled, and tensed my wings to attack. It had been hundreds of years since my last fight. A beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a crown of stars, it seemed, stepped out into the new sunlight that had overtaken the clouds. She wore an ankle length garment, that seemed completely seamless, and was in the same color as the sky in the sun, yet somehow also the same color as heavy rain clouds. Her lips were pink and shaped in the most perfect way, and her green eyes pierced right through to my blackened soul.

“Hello,” she said quietly. She was hesitant, and seemed just as stricken by me as I was by her. I fell deeply in love. She was almost as tall as I was, and I smiled. “I have something for you.” she said, stepping toward me. “Oh…?” She reached into her satchel and handed me a small package. I opened it, and there was a jewelry box. I was puzzled, but before I could ask a question, Neko rolled off a cliff.

“Are you kidding me?” I grumbled. She stuttered, “D-did he just roll off a cliff?” I nodded. “Seems so.” Then he made a sound of distress and we both rushed over to see that he had encountered a bear. Before the bear even had time to injure him, I jumped down on top of him, and killed him. But this made Neko very sad, and I was upset at the whole situation, so I left.

As I left, I saw the woman scramble down the face of the cliff with ease. She and Neko talked for a few minutes, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was HEALING THE BEAR. I stopped, hidden behind a boulder, watching as she and Neko ┬átalked. Her name was Anika, the Goddess of Fertility and Health. And she was down on earth, mingling? I shook my head as she stalked off into the woods with Neko. “Anika.” I whispered to myself, before I took flight, back to my house.

This was an interesting turn of events.


The Letter

“Dear Anika,

“I’m sorry to tell you that I have had a terrible vision. You are not safe here. Your brother and his lover plan to kill you. However, if you have a child, they cannot kill you and they will lose all rights to the throne.

“I know that your duty is to your kingdom, Anika, but your duty is also to the Earth. As goddess of fertility and healing, it is your duty to go forth and spread your powers across the Earth. Go and build an army, and save your precious mortals and angels from the death that they will receive. Tell nobody where you are going or why, or chaos will ensue.

“You need to land in a place called the enchanted forest. There, you will meet a young boy named Neko. Do not be fooled, this boy is hundreds of years old. When you meet him, you will meet all of his friends. Seduce one an produce and heir to your throne. If you do so, the succession will no longer link at all to Adrian, and he and his army will fall away.

Yours Truly,


Oracle finished reading and watched the pacing Nathaniel. “Is this urgent and specific enough?” Nathaniel paused and gazed out over the desolation of the desert that his palace stood in. “It sounds positively terrible.” he said as a smug smile crept onto his face. “And she will definitely fall for it. I’m impressed.” He dismissed Oracle and the god tied the letter to a carrier pigeon and sent him away. With a nod to his master, he set off into the desert.

The Letter



It was all too easy to convince Adrian that I loved him. He would have believed anything that I told him, after that amazing date by the ocean. I told him that we could rule together, like kings. But I never intend to leave him alive.

I never intend to leave Anika alive, either. I don’t want to restore balance. I just want full control. I was once mortal, and now I must live forever. All of the other mortals will scream my name in agony as I torture and torment them into extinction. It’s almost too easy…

But with Anika expecting my attack, I must somehow lead her away from Platt. I’ll kill her mother (and oh how lucky am I that she killed her own father) and I will take control over Zaika, the Angel Queen, and relieve her of her duties… I will take back their ability to reproduce and send them into extinction as well, as I turn them back into my very own warriors. I will locate Neko, and I will release the evil trapped within him. Akito will thrive. We shall see who has the upper hand when the Devil Himself is playing the game.

I will leave a friendly note to drive her away.



It’s been 5000 years since we arrived on Earth. And I never thought that it would end up like this. My mother Luna and my father Sol had been ruling this planet alone for thousands of years, appointed by Platt as the official King and Queen of the galaxy. There was a Light throne and a Dark throne, and they kept each other balanced, in order to keep the world a never ending circle, and a happy one at that. Until we arrived, there was no evil.

My twin sister and I were born of a supernova. We came to Platt, the place of the gods, which is very near to Earth. Luna and Sol raised us as their own, but soon, all in Platt saw that we were more powerful… More capable… The committee decided that once we had come of age, we would sit on the thrones and rule the Earth as husband and wife, brother and sister, light and dark. But we never wanted that. We had no idea why we were created, but we each felt we were supposed to be something greater.

When my twin sister Anika and I were married, we ascended the throne together, and there was balance in the world. But the angels began a civil war, and we needed to end it. By the end of our 4555 year war, the angels would clearly win if we didn’t act fast. I choked, I couldn’t make a decision, so I gave up my power to her, and walked away forever. Her decision appalled me. Anika granted the angels their very own special place, gave them souls, and the ability to reproduce. And so the war of power began.

I can’t let Anika get in my way again. I can’t let her make another mistake. Mortals sin, but mortals die once or twice and make it into the afterlife. Immortals, such as angels and demons, monsters, creatures, split souls, neko, vampires, and master warriors do not die, at least not easily. And they are never dead long. Their sins could corrupt the whole of humanity. They could prove detrimental. But she knows of my plan, and she’ll do anything to keep me off of the throne.

Nathaniel was right about her all along.