It’s been 5000 years since we arrived on Earth. And I never thought that it would end up like this. My mother Luna and my father Sol had been ruling this planet alone for thousands of years, appointed by Platt as the official King and Queen of the galaxy. There was a Light throne and a Dark throne, and they kept each other balanced, in order to keep the world a never ending circle, and a happy one at that. Until we arrived, there was no evil.

My twin sister and I were born of a supernova. We came to Platt, the place of the gods, which is very near to Earth. Luna and Sol raised us as their own, but soon, all in Platt saw that we were more powerful… More capable… The committee decided that once we had come of age, we would sit on the thrones and rule the Earth as husband and wife, brother and sister, light and dark. But we never wanted that. We had no idea why we were created, but we each felt we were supposed to be something greater.

When my twin sister Anika and I were married, we ascended the throne together, and there was balance in the world. But the angels began a civil war, and we needed to end it. By the end of our 4555 year war, the angels would clearly win if we didn’t act fast. I choked, I couldn’t make a decision, so I gave up my power to her, and walked away forever. Her decision appalled me. Anika granted the angels their very own special place, gave them souls, and the ability to reproduce. And so the war of power began.

I can’t let Anika get in my way again. I can’t let her make another mistake. Mortals sin, but mortals die once or twice and make it into the afterlife. Immortals, such as angels and demons, monsters, creatures, split souls, neko, vampires, and master warriors do not die, at least not easily. And they are never dead long. Their sins could corrupt the whole of humanity. They could prove detrimental. But she knows of my plan, and she’ll do anything to keep me off of the throne.

Nathaniel was right about her all along.


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