It was all too easy to convince Adrian that I loved him. He would have believed anything that I told him, after that amazing date by the ocean. I told him that we could rule together, like kings. But I never intend to leave him alive.

I never intend to leave Anika alive, either. I don’t want to restore balance. I just want full control. I was once mortal, and now I must live forever. All of the other mortals will scream my name in agony as I torture and torment them into extinction. It’s almost too easy…

But with Anika expecting my attack, I must somehow lead her away from Platt. I’ll kill her mother (and oh how lucky am I that she killed her own father) and I will take control over Zaika, the Angel Queen, and relieve her of her duties… I will take back their ability to reproduce and send them into extinction as well, as I turn them back into my very own warriors. I will locate Neko, and I will release the evil trapped within him. Akito will thrive. We shall see who has the upper hand when the Devil Himself is playing the game.

I will leave a friendly note to drive her away.


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