Sleeping Goddess

Anika was tired from playing with Neko for days at a time. Neko himself was napping on a rock deep within the Aigon forest.

She started walking aimlessly, searching for a nice place to rest. She found a tree with a thick, soft patch of grass beneath it. To her surprise, when she started to lay down, Otirik appeared from behind another tree, and shouted at her.

“This is my napping place!” She sighed warily, and began to shuffle along. Otirik felt bad for this, “Wait…” he looked down as she turned her gaze to him; the emerald in her eyes caught a ray of sunlight that had penetrated the canopy.

“Y-you can rest here, if you like.” She paused, then nodded to him and layed on the soft grass. He gave her his blanket, and sat and talked with her for hours until she finally fell asleep. Then he walked off quietly toward his nearby house, wondering how it would feel to tell her he loved her.

Sleeping Goddess

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