The Silence of Aigon

Plattian rule began eons ago, before the sun had ever risen before on the earth, before we started to build fires and hunt animals, until we started building empires and hunting each other. The Plattian Gods were kind to us, but we knew little to nothing about them, and they liked that secret. But one day, the royal heirs to the throne were torn apart at the seams, by none other than a human. This human was a vile, deceitful one, hellbent on finding a cure for his own mortality, and destroying all that humanity had created, masked as the same Gods that had let them build in peace.

But the great queen Anika was no match for this man, and she killed him. Unfortunately, her fate was already sealed. Her eventual death would bring a suffering and slow fall of the kingdom, and the rest of the royal Plattian line. High above the forest of Aigon, whereupon the city of diety sat, there was silence. Complete silence.

The Silence of Aigon

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