The King’s Decree

My dear loyal subjects our safety has been compromised. Sometimes during the night, our beloved Prince Valu of the Fey has gone missing. Our heart sinks as there are clues that angels might be to blame, although there is no indication of how they found us or how they have taken Valu.

The terrible news has shocked and destroyed Queen Merriment so much that she has taken ill. There will be periodic updates on her condition and our Valu as they come. Please refrain from leaving these walls until we are sure you are safe.

We could use more guardsmen and militia. If you are interested, please see a guardsmen and he will direct you to the proper official to begin the training process.

Good day, my people.

You may go.

The King’s Decree

Valu the King of the Dead

In the pale moonlight, his wings shimmered and shone. Nobody could capture his interest and the ancient prince’s eyes drooped. For centuries, humans and creature’s alike had searched hither and yon in attempt to locate the Kingdom of the Fey, whilst they debated among-st themselves whether fairies even existed or not.

On this night, his carelessness would lead to the compromise of his beloved kingdom, and the end to any peace he may have taken for granted.

Jasper saw in his orb a sleeping young fairy, and pointed his silent militia toward the entrance of the Kingdom of the Fey. The rouge angels glided across the ground, and easily seized their young prince.

With him in their possession, they returned to their hideout in the woods and awaited the Royals’ realization that their son had been stolen. When the sun was high, the trumpets sounded and the kingdom gathered at the palace gates to hear what would be said, and the guards stood on high alert. The king stood in front of his loyal subjects, clearing his throat, and they all went silent.

Valu the King of the Dead

How to Spot a God

  • Check for ears. A large portion of gods and goddesses hiding in Aigon are nekomimi, and those that aren’t gods are probably angels.
  • Blue eyes. If they have blue eyes, with only a few exceptions, they are likely Plattian gods, due to their region of birth.
  • Wearing Plattian armor. They love armor.
  • Impractical clothing. Showing up in a cloak for a battle requiring agility, or wearing full armor to the swimming pool, or showing up nude in the arctic, are all practices of out of touch gods posing as mere mortals.
  • Using magic in front of mortals without thinking about how they’ll react.
  • Eating copious amounts of candy or other sweets and not gaining an ounce.
  • Owning a temple in their back yard.
  • Slaying enemies with incredible ease.
  • Announcing to the world that they are gods.
How to Spot a God