How to Spot a God

  • Check for ears. A large portion of gods and goddesses hiding in Aigon are nekomimi, and those that aren’t gods are probably angels.
  • Blue eyes. If they have blue eyes, with only a few exceptions, they are likely Plattian gods, due to their region of birth.
  • Wearing Plattian armor. They love armor.
  • Impractical clothing. Showing up in a cloak for a battle requiring agility, or wearing full armor to the swimming pool, or showing up nude in the arctic, are all practices of out of touch gods posing as mere mortals.
  • Using magic in front of mortals without thinking about how they’ll react.
  • Eating copious amounts of candy or other sweets and not gaining an ounce.
  • Owning a temple in their back yard.
  • Slaying enemies with incredible ease.
  • Announcing to the world that they are gods.
How to Spot a God

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