How Not to Break the Fourth Wall

I am speaking to you about things and trying to be witty. I want to blow your mind with an obvious or totally insane twist that I am the character or that the character is aware it is being read.

Do you know what I’m doing? Is this too subtle? Let me spell it out. I do and say everything with the knowledge that you are watching, whilst you yourself do not even know of your own watchers. You peak in on others’ lives, watching as if reality does not exist to them, but is that how you want them to watch you?

As sentience goes, I am far more aware than you are. I know that you are watching me, I know where you are watching, I know how you are watching, and I can respond to you. As far as you are concerned, I am your God, and you worship me. You are worshipping me as we speak, by enjoying me, by sharing me, by becoming obsessed with me, by depicting me in your art. You worship me, as you should. I am your god.

How Not to Break the Fourth Wall

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