• 3000: Luna and Sol marry, beginning a reign of terror over creatures unlike gods. Luna wants a child but Sol refuses to give her one. She cheats on him with a charming┬ástranger, bearing twins, and lying about their origin.
  • 3102: Anika and Adrian take the throne after the accidental death of their father. Anika begins freeing angel slaves, and the kingdom is unhappy about this. A mysterious stranger decides to intervene, seducing Adrian in order to get to Anika and overthrow her.
  • 3109: The stranger reveals his name and face. Nathaniel successfully overthrows Anika. Anika makes friends with an angel, an ancient warrior, and a hybrid whilst roaming the Aigon Forest. Anika moves in with the hybrid, Otirik, and they marry.
  • 3112: Otirik and Anika have two year old twins, and a war is brewing. Platt lies in ruins and most of the gods are dead, aside from Anika who is in Aigon, Adrian, who became disillusioned and is now locked away, and Kitten, who is going her own way, completely unaware.
  • 3115: Kitten has married and given birth to a baby girl, with Slenderman. She is visited by the angel Jasper, whom she is unaware is working for Nathaniel, who asks her to consider arranging a marriage between her daughter and his newborn brother. She agrees. She finds out that Anika is living near her, and goes to meet her, catching up and agreeing to raise her children should something happen to them.
  • 3117: Jasper follows kitten when she is visiting Anika, finding where she lives and calling an army to destroy them. Kitten flees with the children, and Anika and Otirik are slain by Nathaniel’s own hand.
  • 3125: Estrella becomes the new queen while Nathaniel slinks back into the shadows. Her brother grows jealous and kills her, then kills himself out of guilt. With nobody left, the line of demigods remains as the royal class, desperate to claim the power they once knew, leaving them open to the hardships and manipulation Nathaniel is so good at.
  • 3126: Emily gives birth to a girl who is the love child of her and her betrothed. But she falls in love with another, driving Orion mad, until he is intent to kill them. But instead he ends up killed, or believed so. His body was never found.
  • 3152: Many uneventful years passed, and then Sapphire met a stranger. He was charming mysterious, and altogether dangerous. She ran away with him, leaving no trace.

See Me, Hear Me

Orion was a small child, no older than five years. New angels had been virtually unheard of for millennia, as Sol had enslaved them and, in an attempt to force obedience, he cursed them to be infertile.

Much like gods, angels do not die of disease or old age, but rather of murder. By making them unable to reproduce, if a war were to ensue the population would decline rapidly with no possibility of replenishment. This would mean that all of those who dies would die in vain. This tactic did, in fact, curb rebellions against the King.

After Sol’s untimely death, the twins rose to power, and Anika released the angels from slavery, befriending a few along the way. She worked tirelessly with her friends and the most renowned mages known to man in order to reverse her father’s curse. She had succeeded a year before she was cast out of her own kingdom, allowing for a new generation to be born.

Orion was the youngest of seven of these brothers.

  • Jasper, the oldest, is blind but owns a special orb that allows him to telepathically see virtually anything he desires, providing he asks the right question.
  • Michael is vain and pretentious, viewing himself as having accomplished things he was never around to accomplish, and willing to re-enslave his own people at the right price.
  • Gabriel denounces all gods and still believes there is a war going on, but between angels and humankind.
  • Alexander is deaf, but he can compose some of the deadliest music. He composed the same symphonies that sirens perform when luring their prey to their deaths. His gifts drive him mad, so he spends most of his days chained in a dungeon.
  • Jacob disappeared at the age of eight, having spent little time with his older brothers. He is rumored to still be alive, but nobody knows of his whereabouts or what he does. They don’t even know the name he goes by.
  • Orion. The young angel who would die young and end up continuing the Plattian race but for misguided reasons. He was mute from birth, but that made him a great listener and quick learner. His effortless grace on the battlefield would divide him and the only brother he got along with.
  • Lucifer, the most honest of the angels, would become the black sheep of the family. He is often seen helping people who are considered good, unlike his unfortunate portrayal in other mythos.

Orion and Lucifer were good friends. Luci would teach him how to use magic and war to get ahead in a war driven world. In such a world, all you have is your best, and your best better be the best there is.

When Orion’s best WAS the best there was, he fought Luci, casing him aside and joining forces with the ultimate evil. Nathaniel.

See Me, Hear Me