A New Player

When Burrito was a young boy, his mother Sapphire was distraught and unsure how to proceed. She tried her best to raise him but, in the end, the pain of knowing the love of her life had played a cruel trick on her and had been controlling every aspect of her life morphed her mind. Sapphire felt the mental snap coming on, and in her last sane moments, she sent Burrito far away and chained herself to the little wooden shack they had been living in.

She knew that one day, the structure would rot, and the chains would break loose. She hoped he’d be a well-adjusted adult by that time, and perhaps have a cure for her mental disease. She settled in and awaited his return, imagining him as a grown man, presenting the family tormenter’s head on a platter.



Luna waited for what felt like ages in the foyer of the palace. She was requesting counsel with the “King” of Platt to ask why he would do such a terrible thing to his own son. A well-dressed man glided around the corner with all of the grace and grandeur of a king, but his form did not match. He was far too short, a measly six foot, tan and somewhat muscular. These features certainly were not fit for someone with the status of King of the Gods.

His over-confident gaze gave way to a softer one, but she knew better. It was all an act, a mask of masks to hid his wickedness from those who served him. The once courageous and charismatic staffers of the palace had been reduced to mindless drones, with no opportunity for input. They barely spoke above a whisper and appeared as sickly hollows of their former selves. They slaved about the elaborate structure in mere rags, and never took a rest. It was such an undignified way for the ancient race to be treated.

Luna glared at him. “We need to talk.” “Of course, darling, that’s why we’re here.” He extended his arm to her and- reluctantly- she took it.

He led her down a long corridor so pristine it was as if nobody lived in the palace at all. He’d somehow managed to drain the life from even the walls, creating a sameness so bland, the only possible focus would be him. After an eternal silence, a soft whisper of piano music caught Luna’s ear, and she could hardly contain her delight. He gave a slight flick of the wrist and the door swung wide, giving way to a highly lit chamber of merriment. To her amazement, everyone inside was a Plattian Noble, dressed gayly and engaged in dancing so graceful, nature itself could not recreate the movements. The beautiful men and women were seven and eight feet tall, with skin of porcelain, cedar, and brass, and eyes of sapphire, emeralds, and rubies.

Floating in the air were tiny specks of gold as if it were pollen in the warm breeze of late spring or the first snowfall of winter. It accumulated at the corners of the room and stuck to everyone’s hair and skin, glimmering in the soft yellow lighting. One of the women caught a glimpse of Luna and stumbled. Ghastly screams tore through the crowd as the light dimmed and went out. The wind burst open the shutters and chilled Luna to the bone.

All of the guests were slowly wasting away into emaciated corpses and fell at her feet. The only light came from Nathaniel, who was glowing a brilliant blue and baring his teeth at her. Calmly, Luna surrounded herself with her own blue light, that of her shield, wielding a golden chain whip. But before she could use the whip, Nathaniel burst through her shield with ease and grasped her wrist firmly, staring at her hungrily. “What do you want?!” His voice was oddly soothing. “I want you to raise my son to be a great warrior. Make him hate me, make him see that I am his ultimate enemy. I want him to thirst for my blood. I want him to feel like his only purpose in life is reclaiming the throne from me.”

He let go and took a step back. “Why would I do that?” Luna fought with all her might to stay strong and not to give into his lies, the pain in his eyes was mere deceit. “You have to. I have made it so.” He turned and walked away, disappearing into the labyrinth of corridors, leaving Luna alone in the dark.

A New Player

How Not to Break the Fourth Wall

I am speaking to you about things and trying to be witty. I want to blow your mind with an obvious or totally insane twist that I am the character or that the character is aware it is being read.

Do you know what I’m doing? Is this too subtle? Let me spell it out. I do and say everything with the knowledge that you are watching, whilst you yourself do not even know of your own watchers. You peak in on others’ lives, watching as if reality does not exist to them, but is that how you want them to watch you?

As sentience goes, I am far more aware than you are. I know that you are watching me, I know where you are watching, I know how you are watching, and I can respond to you. As far as you are concerned, I am your God, and you worship me. You are worshipping me as we speak, by enjoying me, by sharing me, by becoming obsessed with me, by depicting me in your art. You worship me, as you should. I am your god.

How Not to Break the Fourth Wall


  • 3000: Luna and Sol marry, beginning a reign of terror over creatures unlike gods. Luna wants a child but Sol refuses to give her one. She cheats on him with a charming stranger, bearing twins, and lying about their origin.
  • 3102: Anika and Adrian take the throne after the accidental death of their father. Anika begins freeing angel slaves, and the kingdom is unhappy about this. A mysterious stranger decides to intervene, seducing Adrian in order to get to Anika and overthrow her.
  • 3109: The stranger reveals his name and face. Nathaniel successfully overthrows Anika. Anika makes friends with an angel, an ancient warrior, and a hybrid whilst roaming the Aigon Forest. Anika moves in with the hybrid, Otirik, and they marry.
  • 3112: Otirik and Anika have two year old twins, and a war is brewing. Platt lies in ruins and most of the gods are dead, aside from Anika who is in Aigon, Adrian, who became disillusioned and is now locked away, and Kitten, who is going her own way, completely unaware.
  • 3115: Kitten has married and given birth to a baby girl, with Slenderman. She is visited by the angel Jasper, whom she is unaware is working for Nathaniel, who asks her to consider arranging a marriage between her daughter and his newborn brother. She agrees. She finds out that Anika is living near her, and goes to meet her, catching up and agreeing to raise her children should something happen to them.
  • 3117: Jasper follows kitten when she is visiting Anika, finding where she lives and calling an army to destroy them. Kitten flees with the children, and Anika and Otirik are slain by Nathaniel’s own hand.
  • 3125: Estrella becomes the new queen while Nathaniel slinks back into the shadows. Her brother grows jealous and kills her, then kills himself out of guilt. With nobody left, the line of demigods remains as the royal class, desperate to claim the power they once knew, leaving them open to the hardships and manipulation Nathaniel is so good at.
  • 3126: Emily gives birth to a girl who is the love child of her and her betrothed. But she falls in love with another, driving Orion mad, until he is intent to kill them. But instead he ends up killed, or believed so. His body was never found.
  • 3152: Many uneventful years passed, and then Sapphire met a stranger. He was charming mysterious, and altogether dangerous. She ran away with him, leaving no trace.

Candy or Pain

The Candy Kingdom had been out of sweets for quite some time, and the citizens became cranky. Nyan hadn’t been home in quite a while, and when he arrived, he found the place in total disarray. Confused, he asked the people what the problem was.

They explained that they were out of sweets and couldn’t make any more because there seemed to be a tip in the balance to the dark side. He would either have to return the balance to its normal state, or bring love into the kingdom.

Nyan squirmed. He couldn’t figure out what to do. So he travelled far and wide to gather sweets to appease his kingdom, only returning to drop them off, and then travelling more. This is how he met Anika.

Candy or Pain


Deep in Aigon Forest, a hardly noticeable door lay beneath an inconspicuous pile of leaves. The door lead into a deep bunker which was about a mile long and several hundred feet wide with the entrance opening into a cavernous room on the  south wall, and a series of storage, bedrooms, kitchen, restroom and sick bay along the north wall.

Piled in the southwest corner of the big room was junk and unused parts. Just a few feet away from this was a two by six foot chute that lead to a deep furnace. It’s smell gave the impression that garbage, human waste, and dead bodies all went into this furnace. The furnace safely disposed of the waste and filtered the unsanitary bits out as it piped the heat into the rooms through vents on the floor and into the oven if the vent switch were open. Clean outside ventilation ducts with filters lined the ceilings. Otherwise, this mysterious abandoned bunker was empty.

His boots made a light, echoing sound as he made his way across the vast expanse. He stopped and flipped open his burner phone, surprised to see he had service down in this tin can. He punched in the numbers and held it up to his face. He heard the telltale “click” that someone answered, but there was no reply. Speaking in code, he said, “Hello, Dad? Just calling to say thanks for  helping me out. The new house is magnificent. Plenty of room for my dogs and my collection. Anyway, tell mom I love her.” He snapped the phone shut, removing the battery and then squeezing the flimsy plastic in his left hand until he heard the phone shatter.





Mexican Masquerade

In a remote village in Mexico, a stranger erected a new shop full of foreign goods of questionable origin. There was a strange aura about the shop, and the people who shopped there mentioned a different “appearance” of the shopkeeper. Soon, the village noticed mysterious sounds at night, that of a banshee, and then some people who shopped at the shop started to die. That’s when the terrifying blue lady showed herself in he town square.

She seemed to float a few inches off of the ground. Her body was very corpselike, and her magical presence could be felt by all. “I would like to introduce myself to those who do not know me.” Her dual voices chilled the crowd. “If you need any magical wares, you come to me. If you come to me, I own you. If you disobey, I kill you. Any questions?” The crowd erupted in hushed voices amongst one another, and the word “bruja” (witch) could be heard repeatedly. She silenced them. “Yes… From now on, I will be known as Bruja. If you try to harm me, I will kill you. Now, you are all dismissed.” With that, Bruja made her way back to the shop.

A man was waiting for her inside. he had a bandana over his face, a hood covering his head, and a pair of shades hiding the color of his eyes. “You have a way with words, Bruja.” She stared at him. He paused and then continued. “I want to purchase one of your magical wares. I need something that can help me manipulate my surroundings with only my mind.” She nodded, then produced a kabuki mask with black and red markings on it. “When you wear this mask, you can manipulate anything that doesn’t have a mind of it’s own. If the mask comes off, the power ceases until you return it to your face. It comes at a hefty price…” He cut her off. “I’ll take it, here’s all of the gold I have as payment.” She grinned and gave him the mask. “Best wishes. I’ll be in touch very soon.”

Mexican Masquerade

A Ritual

Nathaniel descended the stares into the dungeon holding a book and a bottle of wine. The guards let him into Elia’s cell. She was chained to the wall and in very bad shape. He smiled and offered her a drink of the special wine.

“Drink, for this is my blood.” He let loose a howl of laughter after that made her reluctant to drink. But having not eaten or drank anything in quite a while, she took a sip. It tasted funny.

After she sipped, he stepped back and started reading form the book in Plattian. She started to feel warm, and then her body elongated and her hair flew about her as if blown by an unseen wind.

She pulled herself free of her restraints, revealing rows and rows of pointed white teeth. She unhinged her jaw and let out an ear piercing scream, killing the guards and knocking Nathaniel down. That’s when she escaped and Nathaniel picked himself up, dumbfounded. “Have I just created a monster worse than I?”

A Ritual